11 Questions a Marketing Assistant Should Ask Their Clients

11 Questions a Marketing Assistant Should Ask Their Clients


Being a marketing assistant, practicing several marketing strategies, and exploring the market is a usual thing. Although you might already know about different business types and their competitors, it is crucial to have a detailed discussion with the client before getting started.


Hence, to attain a good level of understanding and starting right, prepare a questionnaire before scheduling a one-on-one meeting with your client. Indeed, this step is important because clarification of doubts is important. 


So, listed below are some questions that might help you in your next marketing project. 

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1. What is your brand goal?

Earlier to marketing an icon, you should be clear about its goal. It would be best to ask your client regarding the mission of their business. Indeed, it’s essential to eliminate all the doubts related to the brand’s purpose before proceeding further. 


For example, your client told you that the goal of a clothing brand is to minimize the differences among people relating to weight, height, etc. 

Certainly, the clarity of the purpose will help you in creating a better marketing strategy that will eventually benefit your client.

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2. What inspired you to choose the particular niche?

The above question demands an answer that mentions the interests of your client. Indeed, the better you’ll understand your clients, the better you’ll be able to represent them.


Remember, you are not only their marketing assistant but also, the representative of their brand.


For instance: you know about a brand’s mission but you don’t know anything about the inspiration behind it. Unfortunately, you are likely to lack certain factors and that won’t favor your client in any way.


Therefore, brand stories are important!

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3. When did you start your business?

After learning about the brand’s goal and story, ask your client about the first day of their business. You can ask them some related questions like:


  • When did your business start? 
  • Where was it located?
  • How many years have you been running this business?


You can consider the above questions to discover the business journey of your client. Indeed, when you’ll be aware of the brand journey, you can efficiently increase its success rate by many folds.

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4. Who is your target audience?

It is vitally important to ask your clients about their target audience. However, being a digital marketing specialist, you might already have some knowledge about the types of audiences. Still, you can’t beat the information that your clients have. 


So, try to get the details of the expected and existing customers by asking about their location, interests, dislikes, needs, desires, purchase history, etc.


This information will facilitate the creation of effective marketing campaigns and marketing strategies. No worries, if you are doubtful regarding the respective brand’s target audience, learn how Google Analytics helps in better understanding the audience.        

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5. Which marketing approaches have you already used?

Before reaching you, your clients must have hired some other marketing assistant. Similarly, they might have used several marketing tools to increase their brand’s visibility, attract the audience and generate revenue. 


Hence, it would be best to ask them about the marketing tactics that they have followed earlier. However, after learning about the previous marketing strategy, another question will pop into your mind. Well, we’ve also mentioned it below.

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6. What has helped your business earlier?

Among the various marketing strategies that your client has followed, ask about the ones that proved to be beneficial. This will help in filtering out the techniques that need to be enhanced along with executing the new ones. 


For example, your client tells you that running paid ads on digital marketing channels has helped its brand to bring more customers. Now, you can choose to create better ads that will lead to even more conversions.


Hence, it is recommended to examine the factors that have been profitable for your clients and recreate the marketing strategy for a better impact.


pproaches have you already used

7. What is your current position in the market?


While interviewing your clients, ask them about their current position in the market. Also, you can determine it from their current conversion rate. Here, the purpose is to provide them extraordinary results, an elevated position among the competitors.


Moreover, discussing this will help in assessing results in the future i.e; before choosing you as a marketing assistant and after availing your services. However, if you want to avail professional and effective social media marketing services then feel free to contact our experts at Plan Z.


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8. How early do you wish to achieve the results?

It would be best to ask your clients about the timeframe in which you are required to complete your marketing efforts. Else, ask them to tell you an approximate time when they wish to see their brand reaching the heights of success.


Indeed, learning about your client’s expectations can help you in offering incredible services efficiently. 

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9. How do your products stand out?

Indeed, marketing is a tough job but with the efforts of a digital marketing specialist, it can be done effectively. Certainly, people buy things that are unique and amazing simultaneously. 


Hence, never hesitate in asking your clients about the uniqueness of their products or services. Once you understand the problems that the respective products can solve, you can offer them to the customers in a better way.


10. What are your failing points?

Everyone has some weak points. Therefore, your clients must have gotten weak at a few points as well. Asking them about their failing points can help in improving those areas and being careful at repeating the same mistakes.


Moreover, it is important to focus on the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors as well. To create the right strategy, a marketing assistant must try to strengthen the weak factors of the client’s brand as well as the ones where the competitors are weak.  

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11. How much money are you ready to invest?

Although people say that asking for the client’s budget is not encouraged, we believe that it’s crucial. Charging money for providing your services is legal and it must be discussed before proceeding further with your work.


  1. Hence, ask your client in a friendly tone about the amount of money that they are willing to invest. Next, create a customized offer for them accordingly. Also, calculating the total cost in front of your client can build their trust and increase your business loyalty while you work for theirs.  


When your clients trust you as their marketing assistant and ask you to help them in increasing brand awareness, make it worth it for them. To provide them the expected incredible results, ask them a variety of questions until you gather enough information. Feel their brand as yours and work like you are working for your brand visibility. However, if you don’t want to bombard a band of questions in a single meeting then schedule two or three meetings until you get all the answers. Remember, asking is always better than assuming. 

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