Introduction to Off-Page SEO Techniques – Plan Z Digital

Introduction to Off-Page SEO Techniques – Plan Z Digital


Don’t you know where you are lacking after performing the SEO of your website?

Proper keywords, well-structured content, sitemaps, logical URLs, but something important is missing. Undoubtedly, you have followed all the rules effectively but now it’s time to step out. Take a step out in the world and bring people back to your website.

Well, don’t picture it as door-to-door marketing. Living in a digital era is full of surprises. Waking up to the arrival of new technologies is a usual thing now.

However, this blog aims at introducing you to off-page SEO techniques that will bring more leads to your website and fill that void in your website optimization.

Off-Page SEO – Definition.

Off-Page SEO is one of the three types of Search Engine Optimization. Hence, a sibling to on-page SEO and technical SEO. It refers to all the activities and techniques that are performed outside of your website. However, the main purpose of these activities is to elevate the rank of your website in the search results.

What Makes Off-Page SEO Services Important?

Off-page SEO services are important because they deal with enhancing the credibility, popularity, authority, and relevancy of your website. The respective aspects relate to the perspectives of both the search engines and the customers. 

Off-page SEO majorly works by getting backlinks from other high-authority and topically relevant websites. Eventually, it informs the search engines about the popularity of your website among your competitors.

Would you like us to promote your brand and perform offsite optimization of your website? Then tell us your brand story. Let’s make it happen today! 

How to Perform Off-Page SEO?

Excited to attract more traffic? So, are you ready to step out?

Then here is the list of off-page SEO services that you can

implement to gain that ‘Dream Authority’ for your website. 

No spam, no illegal hacks but off-page SEO tactics that have already

worked fantastically for various businesses.

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  • Link-Building – Crucial for Off-Page SEO.

Link-building is not only a crucial part of off-page SEO but the overall SEO optimization. However, its implementation differs here. Unlike internal and external links, off-page SEO deals with backlinks, the links that are received from other websites. Listed below are a few things that you should consider and understand before starting building links.

  • Initially Build Your Backlink Profile.

Before you carry out the process of link-building, build the authority of your website. Make your content valuable enough to get the backlinks naturally.

Also, if your website is newly launched then let it take its place. Give it a time of at least 3-6 months before you bombard huge traffic on it through backlinks. This is because Google checks for both the quality of your website and its age. 

  • Types of Links For Offsite Optimization.

Learn about the types of links before proceeding further. 

  • Creation Criteria.

According to the creation criteria, there are three types of links:

Natural Links.

Natural Links are the ones that are earned naturally. 

For example, someone found your website content to be valuable and easy enough to digest. So, they created a backlink that targets your webpage.  

Built Links.

These are the links that you gain after reaching o the publishers or webmasters. Also, they can be a result of running ad campaigns.  

Created Links.

Created links come under the category of black hat SEO practices. These are intentionally created by your team but without reaching the respective publishers or bloggers.  


Therefore, it would be best to focus on the natural and built links for off-page SEO while completely avoiding the created links.

  • Do-Follow or Nofollow? Off-Page SEO.

The HTML links are dofollow by default. This means that they can pass value to your web pages. However, the nofollow links don’t pass the link juice from other websites to yours.

For effective off-page SEO implementation, have a healthy blend of both of these links to reach your website.

  • High-Authority.

Before you decide to earn backlinks from a certain website, be sure about its authority.

The respective website must have high authority. Also, it should be enough popular.

You can use Ahrefs Site Explorer to check the URL Rating (UR) of any web page before selecting it for backlinks.

The score ranges between 0-100.

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  • Topically Related Links.

Topical relevancy is essential for leveraging link-building. Although you’ve earned enough backlinks, if they aren’t relevant then they won’t be highly effective. And you’ll get average results.

  • Different Domains – Better Offsite Optimization.

Maximize your outreach and work on getting backlinks from different domains. When various websites will link back to you then the credibility of your website will increase at a much higher rate.

  • Traffic on Linking Website.

Observe and analyze the traffic on the websites that you are outreaching. They must have huge traffic to pass it to your website. Otherwise, you won’t be benefitting through their backlinks. 

  • Build Your Brand For Off-Page SEO.

Branding is as important to off-page SEO as it is to Digital Marketing. Therefore, building your brand identity is essential for getting quality backlinks. The more you’ll be visible in the market, the more people will refer you. 

Well, besides the branding techniques that you’ve already applied, here are a few more interesting ones:

  • Webinars.

Webinars are a great way to connect with your audience and efficiently promote your brand. Arranging webinars on fascinating topics can bring in more leads and facilitate more brand mentions that have been discussed below.


  • Podcasts. 

Podcasts are another way to market your brand interestingly and perform your offsite optimization efficiently. However, not many businesses use these, this will increase your chances of getting noticed. There are certain podcast search engines where you can get found such as Apple’s Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Listen Notes. 

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  • Interviews. 

Giving interviews and engaging with the people in media can elevate the process of branding. Hence, it is a recommended off-page SEO service that increases your brand awareness. Consequently, it will bring quality backlinks to your website as well. 

  • Off-Page SEO Involves Guest Blogging.

Guest blogging is a super effective method of getting quality backlinks. It is one of the best off site SEO services where you write blogs on other business websites that allow guest posting. And in return, you get authority, links, and exposure. 

This practice is also referred to as blog submission. Here are some high-authority websites: OutBrain, HubSpot, Moz.

  • Influencer Marketing – Connect With People With Credits.

Then there are people with huge fan-following. They can be popular bloggers or any social influencers. Connect with them, promote your brand/website, and ask them to forward the message further.

This off-page SEO service would feel like presenting your website in front of an already convinced audience. Because this audience already trusts the influencer who would be showcasing your website. And in business, it is trust that is hard to gain. Once you’ve got it, you’ll get going with organic ranking.

  • Customer Reviews | In-People Off-Page SEO.

Your previous clients can serve as a source of new clients. This is how customer reviews work as off-page SEO services. It is a fact that you would be branding your website, talking about the high-quality services and incredible experience.

But why should people believe you? Why will the search engine believe in your authenticity? 

Here comes the role of customer reviews. They add credibility to your services. Many customers leave a review if your services satisfy them. Otherwise, you can simply request them, please them with a discount offer, or run a contest to pick the best review.

You can submit your blogs on the above websites and get some link juice in return. However, before reaching out to them, think about some interesting content ideas that match with the respective website’s niche. Be confident and present your offer!

  • Leveraging Brand Mentions For Off-Page SEO.

Brand mentions play an amazing role in offsite optimization whether they are linked or unlinked. Although, you can gain brand mentions by continuously providing high-quality services. But besides this, there are a few ways that can boost the number of your brand mentions. Here they are: 

  • Posting a Quote In Round-Up Posts.

Round-up posts are where great content regarding a particular topic is put together. Hence, if you participate in the round-ups, your brand name will automatically pop up in the list.

For example, ‘Listen To the Sayings of Top 10 Off-Page SEO Experts’ would be a good place to get your brand mentioned.

  • Distribution Of Your Syndication in Press Releases.

Creating and distributing press releases that mention some interesting news about your brand is another way to get your brand mentioned. This can be considered an attempt to get viral, an element of off-page SEO.

Once your brand name gets to the press release, it gets a huge number of eyeballs on it. And that’s what you want. 

  • Create Attractive Visuals and Infographics.

People with creative and artistic minds are an asset. So, connect with them and get some beautiful visuals and infographics. As visuals are attractive to many, people will use them on their web pages and blogs. Eventually, you’ll get a brand mention or if not, Google knows who is the owner. 

This is an experienced way to perform offsite optimization.

Moreover, use Google Alerts to efficiently track your brand mentions.

  • Genuinely Collaborate With Bigger Brands.

I know that it’s scary to approach the experienced and successful people in the industry specifically in the earlier days of your brand launch. But that’s when you’ll feel the need for offsite optimization.

But taking risks is what will take you ahead. So, genuinely connect with them by offering an attractive piece of writing, a creative infographic, etc for their website. Moreover, don’t forget to mention that the offered content would be copyright-free.

Believe Me! Genuine connections go a long way. And there are possibilities that the targetted brand will mention your website on theirs and get you some quality backlinks. Also, they might start a long-term project with you.

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) – An Essential of Off-Page SEO.

You might already be aware of the role of social media marketing in business growth. How the respective channels help in your brand awareness and sending traffic to your website.

Certainly, social media marketing is an essential off-page SEO service that brings quality leads in a short time. This is because the audience is huge. Can you imagine that there is an average of 7.6 social accounts of a single user, increasing the possibilities of getting viewed by almost everyone? Well, this is a fact.

So, this is decided that SMM can help you in gaining backlinks, brand mentions, and eventually, a lot of traffic and leads.

  • Local SEO – Offsite Optimization Strategies.

If you want to get leads from your town or city then local SEO can help you with that. However, that’s not what we are discussing as local SEO has a unique purpose and that shouldn’t be mixed up here. So, here are two off-page SEO techniques of local SEO that will help you in getting more backlinks.   

  • Google My Business (GMB) – Off-page SEO.

Have you ever searched for the local brands in your place? Well, the list that is presented to you comes from the Google Local Pack. And for getting your website featured over there, you need to create an account in GMB. 

As 4 out of 5 customers use the search engines to look for local information, it is important to rank higher in the GMB results.  

  • Citation – Efficient Form Of Off-Page SEO.

A citation represents your brand on Google My Business, Facebook, and other online directories. It is used to refer to your brand by its name, address, and phone number. Therefore, it’s also called NAP citation.

Don’t forget to provide the correct reference details and respond to the queries that you receive through them.

  • Engaging in Forums Serves in Offsite Optimization.

Forums are a great source of valuable information and conclusions that are decided after discussing certain questions and answers. They serve as platforms that can be leveraged to attain effective off-page SEO

Certainly, engaging in forums and correctly answering the questions will help in presenting your skills and expertise. This will eventually build the credibility of your brand as people will know your skills and what you do. Moreover, your problem-solving nature will attract the right leads to your business.  

  • Content Syndication For Off-Page SEO – Be Careful.

Often, you submit your already created content at places like press releases or other publications for a better reach. But this can go against your offsite optimization if not done carefully. 

Let’s see what Google says regarding this:

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  • Digital Public Relations (PR) Assisting Off-Page SEO.

Digital Public Relations (PR) tactics play an incredible role in off-page SEO. Unlike traditional PR that dealt with building public relations physically, digital PR techniques target a much wider audience. Using the respective tactics to convey your brand story can help in gaining quality backlinks in return.

However, PR strategies don’t only increase your backlinks but also promote your brand and help in brand awareness. Also, it helps in building the trust of your audience.


Hopefully, now you’ve known off-page SEO optimization to a great extent. Yes, it’s all about stepping forward and performing all those activities that can benefit your brand/website. However, at times, you might need an expert’s help but that’s just how it works. Ask, hire and get it done. But never leave the above essentials behind if you want to grow your business and create an impact.

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