Is Email Marketing an Effective Lead Generation Strategy?

Is Email Marketing an Effective Lead Generation Strategy?


Email marketing is one of the most widely used lead generation strategies. It’s also one of the oldest with marketers using it since before computers were invented. The rise in popularity can be attributed to its effectiveness. According to statistics of MarketingSherpa’s 2015 Email Benchmark report, digital marketing has an open rate of 98% and 77% click through rate with an average conversion rate of 26%, and the industry standard for all digital channels is 11%.

What are some other benefits of email marketing? Well email marketing provides you a lot of services. It gives you an opportunity to personalise your message, so you’re not just sending out generic ads or promotions (spam). While the email newsletters might seem old fashioned content but they’re actually more effective than social media posts.


1. What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a great way for small businesses to send information about their company, new products and other updates. A huge part of email marketing includes sending out newsletters or special deals via mailshot. And according to research this has been declared as the most effective form of online advertisement by companies like United States Postal Service who found that people are more likely to open promotional emails if they come from friends rather than brands. All you need for email marketing is to have an email hosting service which planZ offers its clients with a reasonable package.


2. Why it’s an Effective Lead Generation Strategy?

As you may know, email has become an integral part of communication. We communicate through this medium. It can either be with our friends or family. Whether it’s to share a picture or ask for help around, the house people are likely to be always online sending electronic messages. As more marketers turn their attention away from social media channels towards direct sales approaches like cold calls (or spam), this powerful tool becomes even MORE important in creating relationships between company representatives/products and consumers who could be interested but would need some convincing first before taking any kind of Outsider Sales methods such as nice call strategy using emails can really work if used correctly.

  1. Be sure to send out messages more than once.
  2. Days after someone clicked on your ad listing.
  3. Make contact with them.

3. How to develop an Email Marketing Campaign?

To develop a successful email marketing campaign, first you will have to choose the best time and frequency for sending messages. You can either send daily or just once in a while, it all depends on your needs! There are many type of messages that could go out during this process but one important thing is making sure they contain information about products/services related directly with what’s being marketed through social media sites like Facebook ads or Google Adwords campaigns because those tend not only generate sales but also improves customer satisfaction rates as well by providing more reasons why potential buyers should purchase from them instead if competitors who offer similar services without ever advertising themselves.


4. What are the Benefits of Email Marketing Campaigns?

Nowadays marketing campaigns helps us a lot in improving our sales but for that we need to follow a proper marketing strategy to get these benefit,

Standard benefits:

  • Reach out to more customers.
  • Get better results.
  • Increase open rates and click through rates.
  • Create a personalised experience for your customers.
  • Build your email list with ease.
  • Send high quality emails to the right people at the right time.

Emotional benefits:

  • Make your emails irresistible to read.
  • Grow your business with the power of email marketing.
  • Connect with prospects and customers on a deeper level.

5. Challenges Faced during the Implementation of Campaign.

Before: You want to implement a successful campaign, but you don’t know where to start.

After: A successful campaign can be implemented by following these steps. Firstly, identify the target market and what they need from your product or service. Next, create an effective marketing strategy that will reach out to your target audience in a way that is meaningful for them. Then develop a strategy for how you are going to get people’s attention and make sure it is consistent with the message of your marketing plan. Finally, execute on all parts of your marketing plan so that you can achieve success!

Bridge: By implementing this process into your next campaign will surely build a high chance at achieving success!


6. Some Tips for a Successful Campaign.

  • Know your audience and target them specifically with an ad that resonates to the demographic of people who are likely interested in it, such as promoting discounts for women or families during certain times of day when children might be more active than others (easter).
  •  Create personalised content by following the traits of writing tailored from research about what will work best but don’t be limited by just demographics; this includes specific details like how to guide on home improvement projects so there is no guesswork involved when someone wants information.
  • Now that you have an idea for your social campaign, it’s time to create and promote the perfect content. Here are five tips on how:
  •  Find inspiration from successful campaigns or look at reviews of similar products online.
  •  Brainstorming topics people might want to hear about (such as new innovations),
  •  Pick one thing per post/poll–this way there won’t be too many posts going up close together but still make them all relevant.
  •  Encourage participation by asking questions like “What do YOU think?”

6. The Pros And Cons Of Email Marketing.

Email marketing has been a valuable tool for organisations to periodically reach out with sales and promotional material. With an email list, you can send messages that will never go unsubscribed because of their frequency. The pros are obvious, but the cons can be too many if they’re not managed properly or used sparingly by brands who want people on board quickly without giving them much information first-hand (and which could potentially irritate subscribers).


Email marketing is an effective lead generation strategy that can reach a large customer base efficiently. Also it’s cost-effective and easy to implement with the right guidance, which we’re happy to provide here at Plan z Digital Marketing. You’ll find our team of experts that are ready and waiting to partner with you in developing your email campaign for maximum results! The benefits of this powerful digital advertising strategy are many; it not only allows businesses access to customers who might otherwise be unreachable, but it also gives consumers more control over their inboxes by enabling them to tailor where they can decide what they want or not from each sender. But before dividing it into how to create a successful email marketing campaign.

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