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Generating Leads from CXOs through Linkedin Ads.

Microsoft Gold Partner & Inner Circle for 2020/2021 - Mazik Global, a Quisitive company, an independent software vendor (ISV) with more than 18 years of experience in co-development of Dynamics 365. Mazik's industry expertise, in healthcare, manufacturing, public sector, and education, combined with their technological expertise will transforms organization to drive efficiency and growth needed Plan Z's expertise in Linkedin Advertising.

Plan Z created a sales funnel for lead generation with highly targetted CXOs in client's with multiple campaigns in the USA, UK and Australia.


Executing The Strategy


As part of the strategy implemented, Plan Z optimized the company's Linkedin Profile, provided content ideas and ran multiple ad campaigns for the company. Plan Z researched important keywords to secure ad copy to help it rank higher in keyword searches. Plan Z also incorporated slow-juice recipes on the website to increase organic rankings as well. The efforts paid off, with Plan Z helping the ISV business compete heavyweights in their industry.

Plan Z performed a social media audit initially once the client consultated them for ad management. Plan Z created new ad copy and corrected conversion tracking with target audience. Plan Z then began improving click-through rates of ads and keyword-quality score. Plan Z also optimized the “Lead Generation” campaigns for the ISV company, reducing wasted spend by creating priority lead generation campaigns using negative keywords to control the traffic. Plan Z created new ad copy in all ad groups utilizing the keyword in the headline, description line and including call-to-actions.


Country-Wise Breakup of Ads


The following countries were a focus for Mazik Global Linked In Ads. Most oft he budget was spent on NHS which is why United Kingdom has the most number of impressions among the rest of the countries.


Impressions by Job Seniority


Most of the ad. spend was focused on people at senior level positions in their respective countries. Higher level people are more expensive to advertise to, as they are the most sought after audience on Linked In advertising due to their decision making power. Hence, cost per 1000 people reached was slightly higher than average, but the quality of audience reached was a lot better as well.

The Click rate from the target audience was also as we were expecting and resulted in great lead generation for Mazik Global.


Impressions by Target Industry


Due to major focus on NHS and COVID-19 apps. by Mazik Care, most of the budget was spent advertising to the people in the Health Care industry.


Average Cost Per Click


The cost per click were within the estimated range for the audiences and ad campaigns as inititally decided.


Total number of clicks


The total clicks by the specified target audience were also good within the ad budget limits.

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